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Target Passive Candidates

Find ideal candidates on social media who aren't actively looking for your jobs. Get them to apply now.

Showcase your Business

It's not enough to have job adverts. Give  your business a voice. Sell your company culture and work benefits to attract the very best candidates.

24/7 Live Engagement

Talk one-to-one with potential candidates when they are using social - not just the average 9-to-5. Kick-start their curiosity about you.

Real Time Management

Be adaptive and responsive. Do more of what works. Reach your ideal audience in an instant.

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Case Study: Recruiting for Support Workers

How we fully-staffed a specialist school for autistic children in just eight days through Social Recruiting - promoting vacancies and jobs open days.

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Using Social Media to recruit Support Workers

Case Study: Recruiting for a Retail Chain

How we found 300 staff for a national retail giant's home shopping and distribution centre in time for Christmas - attracting 69 applications in week one!

Read our Case Study
Using Social Media to Hire for a Retail Chain

Behaviour or value-led campaigns. Reaching candidates perfect for your roles. Just like we did with these companies:

Relying on agencies, job boards and press adverts won’t always work.

You’ll only find people who are looking for a job and will then have to compete with every other company searching for similar people.

Remember - you won’t reach people who aren’t actively looking.

So, what if you could place your job vacancy directly into the hands of the people you want to hire?

Then you’d be able to tell the whole story as to why they should work with you – safe in the knowledge that the right people are looking at it.

Better still, what if you could talk directly to those people once they express their interest in working for you?

Our Social Recruiting Campaigns empower you to hire better people faster.

People will stay longer, be happier and your business will improve.

If you want to know how a totally new approach to hiring could transform your recruitment drive, connect with Helen on LinkedIn or give us a call on 07807 912 721

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Change the way you discover candidates forever.

“Bright Futures has recently engaged the services of Blue Sky Digital Marketing to support us in our recruitment programme, with great success. We have traditionally used the local papers to advertise. This has become costly and the target audience we need to reach don’t appear to read newspapers these days. Everything is on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Working closely with our Account Manager, we have developed a strategy that meets our business needs to target the audience via social media. We have found people with the right values to work at our organisation, and they have now been appointed to post."

Specialist education provider - We recruited 15 support worker and teaching staff in Cheshire in 4 months



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